Terpenes 101: Limonene

Terpenes 101: Limonene

One of the most common primary terpenes is Limonene. Like the name suggests, it is commonly found in citrus rinds but also mint and juniper. Studies show that limonene is used to help relief stress and anxiety. Make sure to ask for limonene instead of lavender at your next aroma therapy session!

Studies say that Limonene has many healing effects, which is why it's commonly used in medicines and creams! Limonene is also found in soaps, cleaners, perfumes and air fresheners.

Limonene is popular in culinary use as well! Many sodas, desserts and candies with lemony flavoring use Limonene.

It has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-stress, and possibly disease-preventing properties. Limonene also has therapeutic purposes that include uses in scalp massage and in muscle balms.

Limonene is common in Sativa strains. Popular strains that are dominant in Limonene are Do Si Dos, Tahoe OG, Wedding Cake and White Fire.

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