Terpenes Mixology 101

Not only do terpenes add flavor and smell to improve the taste of your cart and smell to your room, but also can be added to your favorite foods and drinks! Since our Terps are a Food grade ingredient, they can be added to edibles and cocktails! Not sure how? Take the famous cocktail: The Old Fashioned.


1 sugar cube

2 to 3 dashes ​Angostura bitters

2 ounces ​bourbon (or rye whiskey)

Optional: orange slice

Optional: splash of club soda

Garnish: ​orange peel

Garnish: maraschino cherry

The essence of this cocktail, is the angostura bitters (obviously, not the most important ingredient!). It adds a smokey taste and smell to this masterfully crafted cocktail. Terpenes can be used instead! Want a more 420 friendly taste? Use 2-3 drops of Sour Diesel instead!

Like most things in life, experimenting is key in finding a taste you like! Keep checking out this Blog for more future recipe ideas!

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